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In the summer of 2015 my ATV was stolen out of my yard. I posted a $500 reward for information about the people that stole it. The person who claimed the reward knew exactly where my ATV was and who stole it. The whitness stated that three people went out the night that the ATV was stolen, the next day the ATV was at one of the three's house. These three people were reported to the police, but since nobody actually saw the theft there was only evidence to charge one of the individuals. While the other two were implicated in the theft there was not enough evidence to charge them despite the fact that according to the Sheriff they couldn't even keep their story straight between the three of them. Of the three people who went out that night, the only one who could be charged was the one who was in posession of my ATV the next day.

BENJAMIN WARREN LINSCHEID of Johnston Iowa - convicted thief.
Court Case # 05771 FECR289680
Posted $5000 bond pre-trial release from jail on 11/17/2015
By all rights he should be a felon under Iowa law but he made a plea deal and got off lightly.
The court awarded me victim compensation for the parts that Ben and his friends chopped out of my ATV but for reasons beyond understanding failed to see that the $500 reward money was a direct expense related to the theft of my vehichle. I have asked for reimbursement of those monies but so far the Linscheid's have refused.
The last picture of Benjamin Linscheid is of him accepting first place in the Ankeny Career Academy where he demonstrated his skills in automotives, apparently where he learned the skills needed to boost and strip a vehichle.

ANGEL MARTIN IBARRA - implicated but not enough evidence to be charged
Works for Henriksen Contracting in Perry Iowa
Quote when I told Angel to pay what they owed me or I was going to make this page: "Due to the age of some of the people in this crime any public display would be illigal and punishable by legal authority.". Angel seems to be a misguided armchair lawyer grasping at legal fictions.
Angel Ibarra is a proud member of the illegal drug group "The High Life" where drugs are posted for sale online.

J.d. JARED DOUGLAS MORGAN of Woodward - implicated but not enough evidence to be charged
he's apparently an administrator of a 15 member group called "Buds/weed smokers worldwide".
He's currently liking & following FOUR separate facebook groups about illegal drugs (glass of the day, weed, weed's home, weed media)
This guy is a SERIOUS PERVERT, he's liking & following many pages that are absolutely as slutty and pornographic as Facebook will allow (hot chicks, baby girl, daddy's girl, daddy's princess, too sassy, twerker nation, more...). Nobody wants to see this guys browser history!
Loves speed. An active member of the Boone Speedway. Ticketed for going MORE THAN 20 MPH above the speed limit in an UNDER 55 zone! Ticketed for driving his ATV illegally.
When I told J.D. to pay the money they owed me or I would put up this website, he had NO COMMENT. He refused to even acknowledge my communications with him.

So that's it. That's the full truth of what I know of this crime as reported to me by whitnesses and by the Sheriff's department. I've described in exact detail why I believe these three are involved in this crime. They've had 2 years to pay up, or discuss this issue with me, or to apologize, ANYTHING! But now I've put one of my precious free evenings into building this crappy website and many hours over the years compiling this (and much more) information, and that means it's going to take a bit more effort on your part now to get it taken back down. The only thing that can erase your sin now is confession, full and absolute, made in writing to me and to the Dallas County Sheriff's office.

Sorry guys, I really didn't want it to go down this way but you forced my hand. I do have to tell you that I'm really good at search engine optimizaiton, right now I've made a pretty half-assed effort at everybody but Ben. If you would like to motivate me to do better just give me ANY crap at all about this website. I respond VERY negatively to people yelling at me or telling me what to do. I guarantee you can motivate me to get you a permenant first place position in the search engines for the rest of time. Otherwise if you would like to politely discuss this page with me then I'm be glad to talk to you at

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