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The Des Moines Register screws Iowa firefighters!

The Des Moines firefighters were getting a raw deal from the city, talks had broken down, and the firefighters were even considering a strike. Day after day the Des Moines register ripped the firefighters up one side and down the other, vilified them, turned them into monsters. The firefighters decided the only way to get their side of the story printed in the Register was to purchas a full page ad. The Des Moines Register REFUSES ADVERTISING SPACE to the firefighters! The Register was so biased against letting the firefighters side of the story be told that they actually refused to print a full page PAID ADVERTISEMENT by the Des Moines firefighters!

The Des Moines Register screws Iowa college students!

There is a company in Iowa dedicated to helping college students, their goal and company ethic is to do what is best for Iowa students. That company is Iowa Student Loan (ISL). ISL routinely forgives millions of dollars in student loan debts and interest payments for Iowa nurses, teachers, and soldiers. ISL will even pay the loan origination fees for their student borrowers. ISL actually cuts interest rates so close to the bone that the big for-profit conglomerates like Sallie Mae have cried foul and tried to stop parts of ISL's state funding in response. Corporate officers regularly try to find new ways to give profits back to the students, maintaining ISLs non-profit mission of supporting students. The competition hates them, our Iowa students and colleges love them.

Then there is the Register (gag). The Des Moines Register has been running every biased, one-sided story they can come up with to smear the good name of ISL. To say the least the Register's facts are shoddy and their reporting is biased. I've read full page stories smearing ISL that don't have any actual content at all except to say the governor wants to take a closer look at ISL before appointing the next board member. The state has finished it's audit ISL and ISL came away with flying colors, a model of efficiency and proper business ethics, and yet the Des Moines Register continues to attack with half baked "facts", stories about nothing more important than frivolous legal challenges. Today's "story" is nothing but unfounded allegations by the fired employee of an Iowa bank who's replacement was a previous ISL executive. The bitch was fired for taping conversations between herself and fellow employees, and now she's bitter and out for revenge. Wow, that sure sounds like an unbiased source to be printed verbatim (cough, cough). There is literally no other substance to this story than a fired bank employees bitter and unfounded allegations.

Let's take a look at another unbiased article by The Des Moines Register - "Iowa Student Loan blamed in part for deep debt load". The gist of the article is that it's ISLs fault for making student loans so affordable. ISL makes the loans so cheap that it lures college students into deeper debt? Yup, that's what The Des Moines register alleges. This despite the fact that ISL is the only lending institution I have ever heard of that requires students to fill out an estimated after-graduation budget before allowing a student to take out a loan. ISL wants to make absolutely sure their students are on sound financial footing. This is also the reason ISL doesn't accept credit cards for loan payments, and also why ISL doesn't cross market credit cards to students like other student loan lenders do. There is lots of money to be made there, but ISL isn't interested in racking up a students debt load, they are interested in helping the students make the best financial choices they can. The Des Moines Register on the other hand prints a quote that ISL's attempts to help the students find the best possible loans to make their college dreams a reality is "too much like helping someone find the safest cigarette". How's that for unbiased reporting!

Jennifer Jacobs - Register reporter:

personally I'm surprised this "reporter" wasn't thrown off the high school newspaper. Hard to understand how someone who gets her facts wrong as often as Jennifer Jacobs actually manages to hold down a job. I guess maybe at The Des Moines Register she has truly found her place in life, a company with standards as low as Jennifer's. I'll back this up with some facts by this weekend when I've had a chance to compile everything, I'm suspecting I might have to break this paragraph out into a page of its own.

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