Up down integer spinner control demo

I couldn't find one of these on the web so I built my own. I built this spinner for the quantity box for how many pictures you want to buy from TheGlassEye.com, my photography domain.

First parameter is the starting value, second and third are min and max values. This is an example of a spinner starting at 1 with a min of 0 and a max of 99. Try typing over the values, try typing invalid data into the box, try entering values out of range.

Image Menu demo

That's what I call the sliding images on the right. It adjusts to the number of images you put into it. On my site I made it request a directory listing from a PHP script, but this demo is built with a static list of images.

GWT PayPal processing demo with IPN

Connecting to PayPal isn't as easy as you might think, and processing the secure PayPal Instant Payment Notification was quite a bit more difficult than it needed to be since none of the samples I could find actually worked. This PayPal form can be updated on the fly with new cart information. Notice how the FormPanel constructor takes an empyt string. If you use the null constructor it does an Ajax-like call in the background, and if you give it a URL it pops in a new window. By experimentation I found that the empty string constructor causes the form to navigate the current page to the form action, I didn't find that documented anywhere!

Also demonstrated

Also demonstrated is the process I used to add an HTMLPanel with div tags to the RootPanel to integrate with static div tags in the html file and style the entire page, static and GWT, with css.

Download the source code

All the code, graphics and css files for this page can be downloaded here. I put a heck of a lot of work into these widgets and this demo, please give credit where credit is due by linking back to my site.

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PayPal form widget demo complete with IPN script...