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Newport Beachside Resort sucks


I really don't know what else to say besides "Wow!".

Words just can not adequately describe how horribly disappointing my stay at the Newport Beachside Resort really was.

I'm sure they must pay Travelocity to be advertised as a recommended hotel to stay at when landing at the Miami International Airport. I just can't think of any other reason Travelocity would pick this squat little beachside blemish so far away from the Miami airport to appear so prominently in their list of suggested places to stay.

It was our tenth wedding anniversary, so I was willing to splurge and spend $250 a night on our overnight stay in Miami before leaving on our cruise the next morning. No, that isn't a beachside view, they want $100 more for that upgrade.

General upkeep Ok, maybe I'm just being too critical here, but I didn't expect my room sink to be falling apart. I also felt that maybe my shower attachment shouldn't be so frayed that it had to be held just right for water to come out. Maybe it was just nit-picking that I thought the tiles in the main lobby should have all been glued down and not shift when I stepped on them.

The Pier What sold me on this resort was the aerial view of the pier jutting out into the ocean. Imagine my disappointment when the pier turned out to be a rundown hangout for drunken, cursing, smoking fishermen. In fact, you have to walk through the sleazy little bar to even get to the pier. Not at all a nice family environment.

The "Beautiful city view" So they want an extra $100 for the beachside view, otherwise you get a breathtaking view of the city, which seems to be how the Newport Beachside Resort spins the view of the giant high-security parking garage right across the street. Imagine the thrill of it...

Up-charges - TThings that you would take for granted at any reputable high end hotel at half the price these people charge are either not available to Newport Beachside Resort guests or they are nickel and dimed to death.

Internet access - you can have it free at almost any coffee shop or bakery or even with your Happy Meal, but unlike any other hotel I've ever stayed at, the Newport needed to charge extra for that common convenience, and it wasn't cheap.

Transportation Shuttle from the airport? They were billed as a hotel for Miami International Airport travelers, but unlike the other nice, high end hotels we have stayed at in the past, this one had no transportation at all. The reason quickly became apparent as we arranged for our own transportation - they were so far from the airport that it cost us $50 each way just to get there and back in a super shuttle. How on earth can such a cheesy little place like this, so far away from the Miami airport, get listed as one of the half dozen top recommended Travelocity hotels for the Miami Airport? Just my guess, but I'm thinking maybe they paid well for that position.

Illegal fees? - ah, my absolute favorite memory of the Newport Beachside Resourt. We pre-paid for this little adventure, all expenses paid up front. We didn't buy any of their many up-charges for our one night stay. The next morning we checked out and the hotel demanded an extra $10 from us. For what? They called it a "Resourt Fee", and it was $10 per day. I asked what that was for, and the clerk told me it was for the "many amenities of the hotel", and handed me a pamphlet that listed such things as use of the pool, first 20 minutes of outgoing 800 number calls for free, availability of the gift shops in the lobby, use of the hotel restraunt, etc, etc.... So now you are thinking the same thing I was. I told the clerk that this was a ripoff and that if the hotel wanted an extra $10 a night to stay there they should charge that in the price. The clerk said he didn't like it either, but that was the policy and I had to pay it. I am looking for the proper official agency to report this to, it has to be illegal to arbitrarily add to the per-night price after you check out.

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