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Alpha Sigma Phi: Do the fraternity limbo - how low can you go...
Do you really want to associate with these people?

Date Rape Drugs at Alpha Sigma Phi: State College Police say they're getting more concerned about the popularity of the so called "date rape" drugs, GHB and GBL. In the last two years, 17 people in State College have overdosed from the drugs. In the most recent overdose, police say they found three girls, all students, unconscious at the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. A member of the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity says they had a house party on Thursday night and some girls were slipped GHB or GBL. The girls were treated and released from the hospital. Police say they're now looking for the person who gave them the drug. Depending on what they get back from the lab, police plan to help prosecute the case.

Drugs and Alcohol at Alpha Sigma Phi: Let's take a look at one of the recently initated members of Alpha Sigma Phi. He lists as his hobbies "cannabis sativa, and cannabis indica" (two ways to abuse drugs). Here is a post from his personal web site from August 11, keep in mind that this guy was just initiated as a full member in good standing last month at Alpha Sigma Phi at Binghamton, a model Alpha Sig:

Awesome time last nite! Me, rob, steph, novzens, and billy chilled at rob's crib. I got drunk and stoned. I realize that my tolerance is shitty. I only had 6 beers including the one i had at Big Wong and i felt pretty good and buzzed. DON'T DRINK THEN SMOKE. They should have a warning label like that on the back of weedie baggies [NOTE: weedies is his slang term for weed or marijuana]. Like a surgeon generals warning. The trees is what did me in. I was spinning and blacking out. Very cool! Then i vomited in the sink, oooooh man, did that feel good. After throwing up, i don't really know what happened. I passed out and was slipping in and out of consciousness. Sorry Steph for ODing so early = ( I guess this is when they had the fuckend genius idea to dye my hair while i was fuqqen passed out. Well first they shaving creamed me, then dyed my hair, or was it the other way around; who knows. eh, what else happened? Well i got in trouble for not calling home and telling my parental units that i wasnt coming home for the night. That was quite shitty. Ill prob get some ZZzzzs now and goto the beach later. Hhaha, ill get fucked up on the beach again. haha...

Keep up those great Alpha Sig traditions!
REFERENCE SOURCE: (the post from Sunday, August 11, 2002, edited after being quoted here but still mentioned in the comments section of that post)

Rape at Ames Iowa State University Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity Phi chapter: There is nothing uncommon in this story, this is just the most egregious example I have personal knowledge of. After a party at the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity a member of the fraternity found a young underage girl passed out drunk on the couch. Mike bragged to the rest of the fraternity that he pulled her skirt up, removed her underwear, raped her, spewed semen on her and left her there. Instead of expressing outrage at their brother’s actions, a number of members headed downstairs to see if the girl was still there. The attitude toward this rapist was one of congratulations from the other members of Alpha Sigma Phi.

Note: This person had his lawyer threaten to sue me if I didn't take his name off this web site. So what do I care, it didn't mater to me so I took it off.
REFERENCE SOURCE: Personal experience

Racial Intolerance at Ames Iowa State University: I tried to cultivate friendships with international students, they were a big part of my time at Iowa State University. Unfortunately one of the main living centers for internationals was next door to Alpha Sigma Phi. When I would tell an international friend that I lived at Alpha Sigma Phi they would invariably relate horror stories of having racial slurs yelled at them and of having drinks thrown at them when walking past the house. In all fairness this didn’t happen often, just when the most obnoxious members were drinking and having a party. Members would congregate on the second floor balcony and have easy access to people on the sidewalk. As they became more drunk they became more obnoxious to passing international student, yelling racial slurs and throwing liquids at them.
REFERENCE SOURCE: Personal experience

Drinking Tradgedy at Alpha Sigma Phi: Architecture major Jeffrey Critelli, 18, and friend Travis Hennigar, 19, crashed their car into a river Feb. 10 after visiting a party at Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. Critelli escaped, but Hennigar has not been found. The University called a timeout on all Greek activities for a week, suspended Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity and charged three students with violating campus hazing and drinking laws, which means they could be expelled.

Church vandalism at Alpha Sigma Phi: One of the members of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity at Iowa State University, Doug Holan, enjoyed golf. He enjoyed it so much that he would shoot golf balls off of the second story balcony through the stained glass windows of the church across the street. He considered hitting the windows at that distance great sport.
REFERENCE SOURCE: Personal experience

Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi chapter, Iowa State University SHUT DOWN: The members of this fraternity abused alcohol, damaged house property, failed to pay house debts and bills, and were finally shut down a few years ago. Now it has been re-opened with a new group of members. I visited the open house of this new substance free dry fraternity. While wandering around the house I noted cigarette butts casually discarded all about the dorm area of the house and noted a number of empty beer bottles in the trash.
REFERENCE SOURCE: Interview with Jeff White

Used and abused at Alpha Sigma Phi: One of the members of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity at Iowa State University, David Graber, had been dating a girl for about a year. He was frustrated that she was taking it slow and wouldn’t have sex with him and so he had decided to dump her, but first he was going to give it one last shot. He told all the members of his intentions to drop this girl after he had finally had his way at an upcoming party. At a posh yearly party called the Black Tie Formal, a special event akin to prom night, she finally decided this was a secure stable relationship and was willing to commit to it sexually. Once he had his prize he ended their year long relationship the next day. She was devastated.
REFERENCE SOURCE: Personal experience

Alpha Sigma Phi National Convention Held: The national leadership conference and grand chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi was held in Indianapolis August 13-18, 2002. Phi Chapter had many representatives at the conference including Jeff Oleson and Scott Olson serving on the Grand Council, Stan Thurston serving on the Education Foundation, Dave "Otis" Critchlow as a society facilitator, Isaac Knoot as a conference coordinator, and Charles Patton as a delegate for Phi Chapter. Also in attendance were 8 other undergraduate members.
One of the top stories of the conference was the dedication of the new national headquarters building named after Brother Ralph F. Burns. This facility in Indianapolis is home to national staff as well as a wonderful archives room and library. It will be headquarters to many members of Alpha Sigma Phi in years to come.

Gay bashing at Alpha Sigma Phi: More to come

Alpha Sigma Phi thrown off campus for alcohol violations: The Indiana University campus could lose another fraternity because of alcohol violations. In the past eighteen months four fraternities have been kicked off the campus for that reason. Fraternities that have been thrown off campus so far are Sigma Alpha Mu, Alpha Sigma Phi, Theta Chi and Beta Theta Pi. Pi Kappa Alpha was also suspended in 1998 when a student died after drinking too much.

Phi Chapter wins Grand Senior President's Award: For the second consecutive time, Phi Chapter at Iowa State University has received the Grand Senior President's Award (GSP) at the National Convention. The GSP is awarded every other year to one chapter in a large Greek system and one chapter in a small Greek system. The GSP is given to the best Alpha Sigma Phi chapter in the nation as determined by a council of alumni throughout the nation. With over 60 Alpha Sigma Phi chapters in the United States, it is a great honor to receive the award even once.

Rape at Alpha Sigma Phi: Ithaca Police are still investigating a rape that allegedly occurred in the early morning hours of Oct. 28 at the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity at 804 Stewart Ave.

Man MURDERED because of Alpha Sigma Phi napalm theft: A Livingston College freshman named Malcolm Z. sent a note to the Rutgers University Security Department saying "You jive talkin’ white muthaf***** are in deep s*** now. Ya dig?" Before anyone had a chance to understand the message, it was discovered that the University’s stash of Napalm was stolen. Malcolm was immediately held responsible and killed in retaliation by the RU Security Department. It was later discovered that Alpha Sigma Phi actually stole the Napalm as a fraternity prank and sold it to the freshman in Leupp who subsequently smoked it to get high. They were fined five-hundred dollars. Note - this account does not come from standard news agencies or from my own history as all other references here do, but rather from a newsletter by a black extremist group who have their own agenda. I am investigating the facts here and have contacted Livingston for details, if there are differences from the offical version, this story will be corrected or removed.

Penn State Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity shut down: Alpha Sigma Phi's national organization pointed to the chapter's violations of its risk-management policy (what kind of risky behavior, I wonder, causes the national office to shut down a fraternity? I can only immagine.)

Alpha Sigma Phi chapter closed for admitting women: "Alpha Sig" was originally a Stanford fraternity, operated as a non-Greek community since the 1970s, when it admitted women in opposition to the charter of its national organization Alpha Sigma Phi. The national Alpha Sigma Phi orginization takes a dim view of allowing the weaker sex to become members and immediatly shut down the fraternity.

Iowa State University homecoming reuinion a great success: Phi Chapter had over 125 Alumni and guests return for the largest reunion since the chapter's rechartering. Brothers from the early Fifties to recent enjoyed in an amazing brotherhood experience that spanned the weekend. Events included a welcome and reception, a brunch fixed by the undergraduates, group seating at an Iowa State football victory, a banquet including slide show from years past and a taste of ritual, a golf tournament, and the Phi Guys Pig Fry. Special thanks to Matt Mather, Tom Frizzelle, and Jason Farmer in making this a reality

Art vandelay: You may notice that I have added references to each and every story posted here. The references I used were just the first sites to come up in a Google search of key words from that story, not necessarily the site I originally got the story from. This was done in direct response to an email I received from Art vandelay, a brother Alpha Sig, I encourage each and every one of you to admire the level to which Alpha Sigs aspire to, evident from the email this brother sent me:

FROM: Art vandelay
DATE: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 18:00:36 -0800 (PST)
SUBJECT: Re: Recommendation from
Received: from [] by
(SMTPD32-7.15) id A14921B00E6; Sun, 09 Nov 2003 18:00:41 -0800
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Sun, 09 Nov 2003 18:00:36 PST
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 18:00:36 -0800 (PST)
From: Art vandelay
Subject: Re: Recommendation from

I have looked at your site repeatedly and i have come to the following conclusions. First, your "stories" are for the most part, really nothing more than unsubstantiated rumors that border line on slander. Your sources are nonexistent which raises issues about the validity of what you are saying and poses the question about whether or not you are criminally responsible. The internet is not your spot to take out your frustrations about your hatred for life and those who have succeeded where you could not. You are nothing more than a waste of space and i find it offensive that you are allowed to consume the same air that I do. I would be fine with the fact that a worthless piece of shit like your self had managed to survive as long as you have because i figure that eventually natural selection would eventually take its toll on you, BUT now you have taken your biased BULLSHIT and introduced it into a public forum. You completely ignore the great things that this great fraternity has done for its brothers as well as the public in general. I think that you should give great thought to killing yourself, you would be doing the world a favor and you would no longer have to live with the fact that nobody will ever truly like you or even care about you in the slightest bit. You are the equivalent of a prison bitch, although life in general is the metaphorical equivalent of the neonazi who penetrates your ass throughout the day.

Mike Boyd (A.K.A "Art Vandelay"): According to the page at Mike Boyd (or Hook to his pledge brothers) is a member of Alpha Sigma Phi - Epsilon Beta chapter. What's interesting is that his email address is exactly the same as the person who sent me that horrible flame letter purporting to be from Art Vandelay. In his email Mike Boyd called me a slanderous liar, and yet while my articles are all truthfull and accurate he is the one practicing deception and lies. Not only has he slandered Art Vandelay, he has broken federal law by forging email headers to impersonate someone else. He did help give validity to this site by causing me to add at least one URL per story so that a reader could follow to find original information behind these sories.

Tell your own story: Some readers took exception to the fact that I only published negative stories. In response I have published three stories of success and achievements of Alpha Sigma Phi. If you want to add a story I will publish any article you send me concerning Alpha Sigma Phi as long as it is accurate and that once I publish it you link to that story from your chapters official web site. If you don't like what this web site has to say, it's up to you to change it. Don't just sit there in your chair pissing and moaning that you don't like the content of my site, do something about it.

About Me: let me say that this site exists at the will and pleasure of the Phi chapter alumnu council, but even so I can't stand to have only negative information posted, there are a number of positive stories there as well.I understand how this site can be frustrating to Alpha Sigs, I hope you understand the conflicted nature of my love for Alpha Sigma Phi. I love this fraternity and want to do whatever I can to be involved and to make a positive impact. Unfortunatly, Phi chapter sees things differently. Even though I pledged honorably and well, there were a few drunken and immoral members that I clashed with and they managed to barely scrape together enough black balls to override the great majority and have me expelled. Most of my brothers wanted me to stay, but I just wasn't tolerant at all of the trouble makers and the bylaws allow for a very small percentage to blackball someone. After that I tried to involve myself any way I could, offered my services to help construct the new house, offered my services as web designer. I asked the alumni office what activities I would be welcome at for the upcoming three day reunion but was instead served with notice that I would be charged with trespass if I attended any more events on their property (like the open house I went to three years ago to see old friends and show off my new baby daughter, now four years old). So now instead of continuing to offer whatever services I could provide and trying to help in any way I could, I find myself angry at being shunned yet again.

This site is an offense to me as much as it is to you, but it is the last place I am allowed to involve myself, the last place I am able to expend the great enerty I feel toward this fraternity. I would love to spend that enery in productive and positive ways if only Phi chapter would admit their wrong and allow me to be activly involved in Alpha Sigma Phi, but as it currently stands I am once again outcast and forbidden to show my love and appreciation for Alpha Sigma Phi in any positive way.

Dave Hill

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