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You would hope folks at hostgator would be above stooping to dirty tricks to snag new customers. You would be wrong.

I invite you to examine this snippet from the HostGator web site and tell me what you think the price of the highlighted hosting plan is.

I polled a number of extremely inteligent co-workers (all senior level computer programmers) and each one of them told me the monthly price would be $7.96. I asked them to look again, they double checked and confirmed their answer. Why then was I given a plan that would be billed at $9.95? According to hostgator the answer is obvious to all users and its my own stupidity for not connecting the asterisk with the statement that all the prices listed are the first invoice only and that they all reflect a 20% discount from the real price. Nowhere does hostgator advertise the actual price, they just list $7.96 until after you buy the package and take a close look at your monthly billing. I obviously should have been able to fixure out that X times 20% = 7.95, solve for X (answer = $9.95) before being stupid enough to push the hostgator purchase button. I wonder if we put 100 average people through this test how many would accuracy and efficiently realising what the correct price was meant to be. This is pure deception on the part of hostgator. I would have chosen hostgator if they had been honest and up front with me but when my first ever encounter with them was slimy and underhanded I canceled my account within minutes. I expect a certain ethical level of professionalism from people I do business with, hostgator just didn't make the cut.

Did you know if you Google for Hostgator Deceptive you get About 396,000 results? That's a whole lot of web pages, sounds like other people besides me have something to say. Other people who have dealt with Hostgator have complained about:

Undisclosed setup fees

undisclosed limitations (bandwithd, sale prices, etc)

crappy customer service

slow, underperformant servers

billing practices

and much much more!

I decided to go with BlueHost, they offer more features at a better price, and they leave the sleezy marketing practices to the competition.

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