Suppose congress enacts a simple law (as opposed to a constitutional amendment) banning people from owning any sort of firearms? "Poof" it's legal because congress no longer answers to the courts and no longer lives by the constitution they are sworn to uphold. Each and every one of our constitutional rights is in danger of being trampled by an over zealous out of control congress.

On March 9th, Representative Ron Lewis (KY) introduced bill to Congress (co-sponsored by Reps. Howard Coble [NC], Mac Collins [GA], Jim DeMint [SC], John Doolittle [CA], Terry Everett [AL], Trent Franks [AZ], Virgil Goode, Jr. [VA], Joel Hefley [CO], Jack Kingston [GA], Joseph Pitts [PA], and Richard Pombo [CA]), titled the "Congressional Accountability for Judicial Activism Act of 2004". Coble cites the "framers of the Constitution" and says they "never envisioned a Supreme Court that was completely unfettered." Yet somehow his history lesson never mentions the words "Marbury v. Madison", what a freaking crack head.

If you don't like that the courts are enforcing the constitutional requirement of separation of church and state in our schools? Change the constitution, the judges are just doing their job. The bar for changing the constitution was purposely set very high, it's not something to be done with a simple 2/3 majority vote. What our elected representatives are trying to do is an end run around the most basic structures of our government that are taught in third grade social studies. They want the power to enact unconstitutional laws and be able to disregard the constitution of the United States of America when enacting law.

Here's an interesting experiment, try calling your congressman and telling him what you think. You can find your congressman at , just call him up and tell him what you think of HR 3920. Think you can get through to your congressman? Your appointed and elected government voice? Think again, these people aren't interested in hearing from you and you can't even get through to talk to your congressman. The best you are going to do is to talk to his aid and have a post-it note passed on to your congressman. That's what you've been reduced to, a post-it note, if you're lucky.

Our founding fathers actually gave congress very limited powers and an mandate that those powers not be expanded upon, so why is it that those currently in congress see themselves as demi-gods with near absolute power to do as they please? Our senators are even worse, 100 primadona who each think they should be president and who don't give a rats ass about any of you. Tell me where my representation has gone...

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