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The Secret Service detained a man with a gun in a park where President Bush was jogging on Thursday, local police and White House officials said.

Secret Service spokesman Jim Mackin said the man was about 60 yards from Bush when he was seen by officers who approached and detained him for questioning.

He said the man had a permit for the gun, but he was detained because he was found so close to Bush. Mackin said the man appeared to be in the park for reasons completely unrelated to the president's visit.

"He was taken into custody because of the proximity of the gun. No one was hurt. He's at the police department and we are trying to verify what he was doing," Mackin said.

Des Moines police Sgt. Bruce Elrod said the man had a permit for the gun.

"He did have a gun in his waistband and he had a gun permit," Elrod said. "We don't know what he was doing there, and he is being questioned."

Bush headed out for a run with a Secret Service detail during a rest in his Thursday schedule. He spent the morning in St. Paul, Minnesota where he announced his new energy policy, and was heading to Nevada, Iowa, for another event to discuss the new plan later in the day.


What a bunch of power mad a-holes. I can just see them trying that at my house next, me out target shooting on my Iowa acreage when G.W. suddenly has the brass balls to drive past my house on the adjacent highway. Three guesses what happens when angry armed men unlawfully tresspass on my property and unlawfully tell me to abandon my second ammendment rights while I'm busy target shooting. It takes a constitutional ammendment to override a constitutional ammendment and they don't have it, they have no legal right to arrest a man just because the president runs by and no legal right to threaten my second ammentment rights. Secret service can kiss my brown round, they have no respect left in this country (or for this country for that matter, the citizens are the country not the politicians, and they sure as hell don't respect citizens). My second ammendment rights belong to me, not to the government and not to some testosterone poisoned secret service prick. God that pisses me off that they think they have the right to do that to someone, they sure as hell don't but try telling them that.

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