FROM: Amy Wilk
DATE: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 19:53:33 -0500
SUBJECT: Silverleaf PLEASE POST FOR OTHERS OUT THERE the horror goes on......
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Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 19:53:33 -0500
From: Amy Wilk
Subject: Silverleaf PLEASE POST FOR OTHERS OUT THERE the horror goes on......

I am writing in regard to your silverleaf purchase. A few years ago(11-4-2000) me and my husband (at the time we were not married) were invited to a Silverleaf sales pitch (but they did not call it that it was a raffle and tour) and we were there from 6 PM until after 11 PM. During the course of the pitch they used high pressure tactics to incourage us to purchase. We flat out told them we just purchased a house not 1 month before, and the timing was not right. By 9 PM we were tired and had a 1 1/2 hour drive to get home. We attempted to leave and the sales people would grab our arms and suggest a new deal, this happened many times. After hours of this we finally broke down and bought the thing. WE were tired, and hungry.
During the first week we tried to get out of the purchses and they refused and threatened our credit. WE also noticed they put the time share in my husbands name even though I was one that is having everything electronically drafted from MY checking account. We spent money on ERA Stroman ( $500.00) to sell the time share in July 2001, and we spent money with Holliday Specialests June 4, 2002 (199.99)( MONEY BACK GUARENTEE -NOT happening) to list and sell our unit.
All this puts financial pressure on our family.
WE also tried to use the unit since we had it. Well, were told we had endless excape, and bonuse time. well when we tried for our weekends we were never able to get in. We contacted the saled department and the sales person put us down and GUARENTEED we would get in the next weekend, well that did not happen... When we tried to call reservations we were either put on hold. My highest time was 1hr 45 min with NO PERSON TO TALK TO. or the other route was the phone would ring numerous times I usually stopped counting at about 50 rings.
Well, Silverleaf still called us to help educate us about the programs and how they worked. They would scedual dinners (usually at Joes crab shack) serve us some of the cheepest food on the menu, then while you are eating attempt to get you to UPGRADE for more $$$ you can have a presidential suite, a share in Branson , MO, the last one was Galveston, and they came to our house.
In June 2002, was the first time I was ever able to get Silverleafs reservations on the phone and I booked a week for my sister (family) I was told I had to check them in. We finally had the opportunity to use another week in July 2003, in Branson, MO.
To date our share is still listed as take over payments we will pay transfer costs, we have not been able to sell it, they keep bugging us to upgrade, and IN TRUTH only BOUGHT IT BECAUSE WE WERE TIRED AND HUNGRY, well we are still in dept making payments on something we really have not been able to use, that we did not want in the first place and we can not get rid of it.

Amy and Mike Wilk

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