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SUBJECT: Re: Who does Silverleaf think they are??!!!!
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From: Justin Modlin
Subject: Re: Who does Silverleaf think they are??!!!!
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My significant other and I were invited to a Silverleaf resort in Conroe Tx. last year. After going through a day of B.S. we finally sat down to get some talking done. We decided that pay Silverleaf a total of $800.00 over a period of ten months that could be turned into a deposit if we decided to buy at a later date. We put the paper work in her name and went on our way. While paying the money we were entitled to one weekend and one six night stay during an off peak week. The time to enjoy our weekend, a representative came to our door to see how everything was going and in conversation found out that the person who had signed the contract was only 18. The representative told us that whoever signed her up would lose their job and sent us on our way, the weekend was over! That Monday she called Silverleafs Corp. offices to find out what had happened and she was told, quote,"it looks like the info in my computer has changed, you only have to be 18 now" end quote. None the less, she was denied her weekend, and ultimately denied her week and the right to purchase. I closed the accout that the money was being withdrawn from because Silverleaf continued to take money even though they had broked the contract. I also made a call to your Corp. offices, I did not tell them who I was and I asked questions about purchasing a time share, again I was told you had to be 21. If you would like to know who I spoke with then I will tell you. In conclusion what ever Silverleaf associate recieves this message will make it his or her mission in life to be sure that Silverleaf stops sending Final Notices, Payment requests and any other info in the mail. If we do not see eye to eye on this then let me know and I will seek legal action. I also need the money that has already been paid to you returned because I am not going to give you money for nothing! As for you Dave, I know how you feel, if you would be so kind as to share my story with others so that they may have additional warnings. You may reply to this message at Thank you


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