FROM: "Carlton & Heather"
DATE: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:41:24 -0700
SUBJECT: Silverleaf resorts

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From: "Carlton & Heather"
Subject: Silverleaf resorts
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:41:24 -0700
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Hi Dave,

I enjoyed your write up about Silverleaf Resorts. My husband and I bought into this when we lived in Texas. We too, didn't realize you could not let other individuals use your space if you were unable to use your week. We were in Alaska for three years and for all three years we were unable to use our week. We did however, have friends whom we tried to give the week to. Silverleaf turned them away because we could not pick up the key. I was very upset since we paid for this timeshare.

We have been trying to get rid of this time share for about two years now. We bought it in 1997 and realized, by the time we would be done paying for the time share we would have put in $16, 566 almost 2 1/2 times what we were supposed to pay for it. Not to mention all the dues. Which recently have been going up in $4.00 increments without Silverleaf Club notifying me of the change and why.

I called silverleaf Resort to let them know I was no longer interested in the timeshare as they would not be flexible with a product I am paying for. The costumer service department informed me they could not help me with getting rid of this, in my mind, fraudulent time share. They recommended me to ERA Stroman. I had to pay ERA Stroman $750.00 or 10% of the selling price, which ever is greater. I put it on the market with them over a year ago and I still have not gotten rid of this timeshare.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can get rid of the timeshare.

Thank you
Heather Green


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