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I received an email from a friend of mine about this Silverleaf "scam". I purchased two of them from an outside party! I had all the same problems that were discused in your websaite. I mean to a tee!

I filed claim after claim with the Better Business Bureau, sent certified letters to the seller, to Silverleaf, to the Attorney General in Texas. I was not going to give up. What made it even more difficult, was that Silverleaf Resorts kept blaiming the seller.

I still think it was partially the sellers fault, since he never did return my calls until I had papers sent to him saying he was going to be sued. I purchased these through an ad in the Houston Chronicle. As long as you called the number and said you were interested in making a purchase, you got a return call.

But, once this person knew I was about calling the paperwork, I could not get through to him. I finally talked to his lawyer after months and months of aggravation and his lawyer blamed Silverleaf.

I was persistant to get my money back! I had paid for "backdues". I finally got that back from the seller. Perhaps the seller and Silverleaf were in kahouts together. I will never know!

It was my constant nagging letters, phone calls to Silverleaf, and making myself clear that I would take them and the seller as far as I could take them! I wrote to TV stations in Texas, I wrote to the Better Business Bureau, I wrote to lawyers in the state of Texas, the Attorney General's Office; anyone who would give me advice!

Anyhow, it took me almost nine months to unravel this. Now, I'm beginning to wonder just exactly who was at fault. I too missed out on a week's vacation, and was told by the "manager" that there was nothing that could be done; that I needed to take it up with the seller! I did, however, get Silverleaf to pay my dues for that current year because of all the aggravation I went through.

I could not help but laugh at that so-called salesrep who wrote that nasty reply to you. You are right! It IS deeded, so what difference does it make who the buyer purchases from?

My friend sent me your website because he thought I actually wrote it. I mean, it certainly is IDENTICLE to what I was put through. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!!

I wonder now as I look back if the seller and Silverleaf still were in kahouts together!! One thing I do know for certain is that the ads no longer appear in the Houston Chronicle. At least, not that I am aware of at this time!

I'd be willing to give you the name of the seller if you feel it is warranted..who knows if he hasn't changed his "selling techniques"? (Or is Silverleaf the real stinker!)

Now that I have my ownership, I have not had a problem. As they say, buyer beware!


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