Silverleaf Resorts and TimeShares - the horror stories about the Silverleaf timeshare and resort system.

First let me say that I do not write this as any childish attempt to "flame" Silverleaf, I do it to try to warn other innocent people. Nobody deservers to go through the ordeal that Silverleaf will put them through, and it is my fervent wish that people take this warning seriously.

I've considered that Silverleaf's practices might be some sort of scam or fraud, but for the life of me I can't figure out how they benefit. Basically what they do when you purchase one of their timeshares is drag the process of actually transferring ownership out by almost a year! I purchased a timeshare in November of 2000 and it is now June of 2001, 8 months later, and I still do not have ownership or use of my property. What I do finally have is paperwork to fill out that claims I will receive ownership in another two months (60 days). The only way I can see that Silverleaf would profit financially from this practice is that during that year they would almost always manage to take posession of your week by default and then make it available to be rented by them to someone else (until you own it you can't use it, and the person you paid for it doesn't think they own it any more so they aren't going to try to use it, so nobody will use the property that year and Silverleaf will pocket the money for the rental).

Here is a generic timeline of events as I have figured them out so far:

Other interesting and important facts about Silverleaf Resorts timeshares:

Needless to say, since we don't "own" the timeshare yet, we can't take advantage of it, and we certainly can't make reservations for it or check into it because the previous owners name is on the contract and Silverleaf is very "Sorry but no exceptions will be made to this condition" about letting non-owners check into your timeshare so our week. So our week, which is in fact this week, has been forfeited into their "Bonus Time" program for someone else to enjoy. We didn't even particularly want to take advantage of it, we purchased it with the intent of trading for other weeks in other locations through the big timeshare brokers.

The problem with their phone system is that every time we have tried to call it either rings forever with no answer or you get put on hold for an hour at a time on your long distance dime (my experience is about 50% no answer and 50% perma-hold). If you absolutely must communicate with these people I suggest email.

I asked the purchaser about all this and she explained that she had similar complaints about Silverleaf's terrible customer service.

That about wraps up what I have so far. If you have a similar experience, feel free to write me and I will add other pages to this site with other peoples Silverleaf horror stories. I will also attempt to setup reciprical links to any other sites containing information about Silverleaf. I hope this warning reaches you in time.

A former salesperson from Silverleaf was kind enough to write me this letter, I encourage everyone to admire the level of professionalism shown by Silverleaf sales representitives.


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