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Yo motherfucker
I sold timeshare for Oak 'n Spruce Resort(Silverleaf, Lee MA) for several
years and was involved from the inception of this particular resort and in
fact, became involved in the sales operation after becoming a member. Your
statments defaming the system put in place by Silverleaf is a gross
misconception. First off you were duped by a seller of a second hand deed
that has many restrictions. If you infact had done some research about what
you were buying prior to closing you would know that the Silverleaf program
is the bet in the industry.

When purchasing a unit from Silverleaf new you are informed at closing that
this deed is non-transferrable from deed holder to any individal, so you
fucked up and didn't ask the right questions when you bought the week. Also
why would you buy something for you only to let other people to use? If you
signed up for any of the exchange services you would know that you can buy
extra weeks for minimal amounts of money and put them in anyones name. Once
again, you got duped by an unothorized re-seller of this property and have
no reason to slander Silverleaf.

Hello, if you paid the bills you agreed to upon becoming owner of this
timeshare you wouldn't have the problems that delinquents have because the
haven't paid their bills. Silverleaf is just like any buisness trying to be
profitable; cut off the dead weight...people like you.
-Proud and Satisfied Silverleaf Owner

Just a few clarifications from the recipient of this lovely letter.


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