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Hi Dave:

Thought you and your readers m,ight be interested in my horror vacation at Silverleaf's Piney Shores in Lake Conroe, Texas this past May 23 TO May 30TH, 2003.

Upon arrival, and requesting a cabin, they had me registered to stay in a condo on the fourth floor!! Itold them, no way wasI going to stay in there, since I had requested a cabin, bad enough I am disabled. We finally convinced check-in to move us.

After entering our cabin, we fought off wasps, bees and giant flys, that were hungryer than we were. That was about a good two hours. Everyone finally settled down, and we got the kids olff to sleep in the pull out sofa, and the adults settled down at the kitchen table. We turned the kitchen light on, and to our disgust (!) the walls were crawling with roaches!!!! YUP, ALL KINDS, BABIES, AUNTS AND UNCLES, MOMS AND DADS!!!

We were also told we could not move top another cabin because they were entirely booked for that week. GRRRRRRR!!

It was nearly midnight, and we called the office, and was told they would call maintenance. We waited and waited, called again, and by that time, all we got was the switchboard was a recording that the switchboard was closed. We passed out that night, and then immediately called agin the next morning. Of course, our friends went back into the woodwork. We again were told that maintenance would be called. We went about our day, then our night, and again, noone came!

The next day, we went to the office and created a scenario, loud and clear that our cabin was infested with roaches!! We filled out a complaint form and we were told that they were not roaches, but beetles. We told them we know the difference!! Again, we were tol,d for the third day in a row, that maintenance would be called.

Later that day we called again, an d was told this time that noone was there because it was a holiday weekend. We waited until Monday, Memorial Day, nothing! Tuesday, we got up and called again!!! A young man came by the cabin immediately, and he got on his two-way radio and called the office and chewed them out for not getting us an exterminator. That all that had to be done was for them to call the outside service. Relieved, we waited and waited out another night! We would get up and go to the bathroom and GIANT ROACHES, crawled on the walls defying us like it was there territory!

I was furious by this time. Called the office again. Again, we were told that the exterminator would be there! WAIT, WAIT, AND WAIT AGAIN!! Nothing!!

While going to sl;eep that night, my brother moved one of the bedspreads and discovered some type of mites or bedbugs crawling all over the sheets!! We took and stripped the bed and threw everything off out onto the porch and found a clean sheet, and slept snuggled the sheet all night. I left a nasty message on the voice mail, begging for someone to come!

Again, the next morning, by now it was Thursday, called the office again, and we were told everything would be taken care of. Apology after apology, we waited and waited. Finally, a young man came by and gave us new sheets and linens, left the blankets and everything we threw on the porch for clean-up to get.

Friday morning, after a week of nerve ending, chilling experiences, we could not wait to leave that horrible place. The young man came by again and he consoled us, and he said he had been working there for only a week, and he could see what chaos and mismanagement they had. We told him again, how disappointed we were, and he apologized for Silverleaf. But, it wasn't his place to do so. He also told us that the week we got there, that they were overbooked by 30 guests, and the day we were leaving, they were overbooked by 10 guests. He said he thought that the exterminator had been there, since he saw the truck parked outside the office one day. And that he heard that 6 cabins were exterminated. Not ours!!

Upon leaving that dreadful, awful week of vacationing with Texas sized roaches, we talked to another couple on the end cabin, and learned that they had experienced the same encounters that week.

I also heard from the young man, that Silverleaf is going to tear down all the cabins, one by one, and build condos, due to "their mistakes", not to mention that they have oversold and oversold, to the point that they need to build up. With the condos, you see, they can build up 4 floors!! The cabins are only quads! And they are so infested with roaches, they have no other alternative!!

I am wondering if any other of your readers has experienced a "vacation" such as my family did. This was only experienced at Piney Shores in Lake Conroe, Texas. My "home" timeshare is located in Flint, Texas, and we never encountered this problem.

All I can say is, buyers beware! I plan on selling both my timeshares after this hair raising experience. It's back to my MARRIOTT timeshare, my 3rd one, and the best they have to offer!



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