THREE TIMES SBC Hosting / Sterling Commerce accidentally deleted my database connection and delayed fixing it for two weeks each tim, for a total down time of six weeks! They also destroyed nearly a weeks worth of customer data and orders when they had to use an old backup instead of their advertised daily backup to recover from a server failure.

These people accidentally deleted our database connection three separate times! Each time I was on the phone daily with them pleading to get the site back up and each time it took two weeks for them to correct, keeping this site down for a total of six weeks!

NO NIGHTLY BACKUPS: Then they suffered catastrophic server failure and had to restore, but rather than having the daily backup they advertised, the only one they had was nearly a week old, resulting in lost orders, lost customer data, and lost data entry.

NO CONSIDERATION: And then to top it all off, when we got into a bind because Network Solutions was dragging their feet switching us over to a new host, these people refused to give us a 30 day extension for all the down time and destroyed data they cost us, threatening once again for the site to go off line.

GAPING SECURITY HOLES: I have also notified these people repeatedly over the years that their security was terrible. They gave full access to view and even update files in other accounts. They seem completely incapable of limiting security access to appropriate accounts. I had no idea when one of my neighboring accounts would suddenly decide to go rifling through my customer database or reading and changing files in my account. I'm not talking about obscure technical hacks here, I'm talking about normal everyday access granted to everyone.

Note that Sterling Commerce is wholly owned by SBC, and while has been re-branded numerous times it's still the same crappy company behind that facade. My tech support (or lack thereof) by the end of my contract were calling themselves SBC Hosting. SBC has a 60 percent equity interest in Cingular Wireless, its joint venture with BellSouth. Service and support levels never improved regardless of the name they slapped on it.

I consider it dangerous to do business with these companies and it is my hope that you be aware of these dangers before doing business with them. I did not see the warning signs early enough, I hope I have helped you to see them in time. has tried to silence what you are reading by threats of lawsuits which were intended only to make it expensive for me to continue, but even these Canadians know they are not able to trample my American right of free speach, and since every word I say here is true there is nothing they can do to prevent me from saying it. The last straw, the one that broke the camels back and made me post this site, was when after all the hell they put me through, after all the down time and destroyed data, they wouldn't even extend me a lousy month to prevent the site from going dark yet again while it was being transfered to a new host, so doom on them now.

Any file in any directory could have been read, replaced, or deleted by a malicious user because WEBHOSTING.COM / SBC Global Network ignored repeated warnings about their lax security, they still haven't fixed these gaping security holes! If your company is listed below it is because I was able to access either a current or an old (if you are no longer with this company) copy of your files because of the lax security of / SBC Global Networks / Sterling Commerce Inc. which they have failed repeatedly to correct. Once again, this isn't some hack where I have overcome their security, the security simply isn't there, any of their users could do this with ordinary tools.

Sample directories from this server: