I'm out working in my yard on a beautiful fall day in October of 2012 when a very large, intimidating, fast talking man using the alias "Steven Carroll" starts spitting out words faster than my brain can process them (a critical con skill). He's talking rapid fire repeating himself over and over about what an amazing opertunity this is for me to get my barn roof painted - Steve's costs are allready paid for - he's got left over material - his labor for the day is already paid - it's this amazing direct-to-metal enamal that will last forever - he usually gets $2500 for a job like this - spitting out name after name as references of every person and business in three counties that he's done business for.

I never had a good feeling about this guy, and for reasons I'll never understand I somehow agreed to let him paint my barn roof for $1,200.

I fully expected this to be a multi-person afternoon job with cleaning, taping, and spraying. Instead Steven comes back with what appears to be a day laborer and a paint sprayer. Steven sent the guy up onto the roof (Steven stayed ground bound) and immediatly sprayed everything in sight, right over the top of the thick layer of harvest dust and bird crap. He didn't tape off anything, edging around the sides and peak that was a different color all got sprayed right over, and they were done in 40 minutes. The day was calm and there was no rain for weeks, but here is what the job looked like a month later:

Yes, Steven's amazing direct-to-metal bonding enamel wonder paint had largely washed off within a month. The side of my barn is not covered in bird crap, that's all the white paint that ran down from the roof. The grass is covered in white paint as well. The only thing not consistently covered in white paint is the FREAKING ROOF!

For those keeping score, that's 40 minutes of day labor work with a paint sprayer, probably under 5 gallons of paint to cover that roof area, paint straight over the top of the thick layer of grime and all the colored trim, and huge amounts of paint washing off the roof in the following months, and a grossly over charged $1,200 paid out for the job. That my friends is FRAUD.

So it was not even the smallest surprise when I googled for Steven and found his picture in living color, not one but FOUR mug shots from within just the previous months (now updated to EIGHT!). Nore was it a surprise to find out that "Steven Carroll" was actually "Steven Carroll Ferguson" and sometimes the alternate spelling "Fergusen". I plugged all variations of his information into a number of databases just in case I could drop a dime on him if he had outstanding warrants - I didn't find any. I filed a complaint with the local sherriff, who commiserated with me but couldn't do much.

No surprise to find his rapid-fire references were worthless.

Kind of makes you wonder why an honest businessman like Steven Carroll Ferguson would ask for as much of the job in cash as possible. Was he worried I might cancel the check? Did he split the $900 check with his partners while pocekting the $300 cash? Or was he just keeping as much of his business as possible off the tax books?

The purpose of this web site is to warn others, to make it harder for Steven to use an easy alias like that, and to hopefully warn you the reader before you make the mistakes I made. This web site is going on 10 years old and I plan to keep it for the rest of my life. When I go through the effort to document events in order to name and shame, it's permenant! And I do a very good job of search engine optimization, and it will remind me to search for him a couple times a year just to see if I can add to the story. Every time you google for Steven Carroll Ferguson, these pictures and this story will be at the top of the list, I guarantee it.

The cell number Steven Carrol Ferguson gave me is 803-514-9881. I paid for an investigator to research that number and came up empty.

I regret not getting license plates off of the three different pickup trucks he drove when he was at my property, perhaps you will get the chance if you see him?

The following information may be useful in identifying this man