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Bush bashing is becoming way too easy to be considered an actual sport any more.

When terrorists crash into our World Trade Centers, Bush's response is kill 'em all by invading Iraq, who had nothing to do with it, but we can get away with it right now because everyone supports any anti-terror actions after 9/11 no matter how unwarranted or unreasonable. When Americans are kidnapped, Bush's response is "We don't deal with terrorists". When terrorists threaten our safety, the Bush line is still "We don't deal with terrorists".

BUT, when terrorists slaughter hundreds of school children in Russia, we get this: "The Bush administration differed Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that only a political settlement could end the crisis between Russia and the breakaway region of Chechnya. The administration also left open the possibility of US meetings with Chechens who are not linked to terrorists."

So let me get this straight. Bin laden attacks us, we go pound on innocent (but oil rich) Iraq, and get away with it. Terrorist's slaughter Russian children and our hero Bush says the only appropriate response is negotiation and political settlement. I bet if those cute little Bush twins were in that school that day Bush wouldn't be all about negotiating with terrorists. Terrorists need to die, but only when they strike close to home or pose a threat to our economy, otherwise terrorists must be negotiated with and passified? Bull. Complete and utter bull.

Remember - regime change starts at home!

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