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Xenia Rural Water

Subject: Iowa One Call issue with Xenia

From: Dave
Date: Mon, Oct 01, 2012 8:50 pm

The tech from Xenia was at my home today with a pair of divining rods. Yes, that's right, divining rods.

Seriously? He missed the water line by 30 feet. My neighbor recently tied into the line at the ditch at the edge of my property. There was no digging in my yard. The line the tech drew cuts 30 feet into my yard parallel to that point. The divining rods let the tech around trees and along easy paths, in an interesting and twisting route, in much the way that straight-as-an-arrow water services never seem to do, and left the property diagonally across a corn field instead of heading on down the road to the next house.

Assuming this was a quaint and colorful old character I called the Xenia office, and to my dismay the receptionist backed up the divining rod theory claiming "magnetic lines" (sorry, water and PVC are non-magnetic).

Please refer to the wikipedia entry for divining rods, subsection "scientific appraisal" located HERE where every double blind scientific test of divining rods has proven conclusively that no user ever tested was able to operate divining rods with anything better than pure statistical random chance.

As it stands, the line the tech drew is substantially in my way and nowhere near any actual water lines. I thought that just for fun I might trench up an area 30' away from the line the tech drew. No court could find me at fault for digging 30 feet from where the official water company designation of the water line would be.

Anyway, this isn't the wild west, I don't believe in witchcraft, magnetic water, or divining rods, and I will take the purple line in my yard on blind faith when I go to trench up the ditch by the road. Or you can come back out with real scientific equipment and tell me where the water line really is.

Subject: RE: Iowa One Call issue with Xenia

From: Dave
Date: Tue, Oct 02, 2012 11:53 am

I've shared this with a few hundred people so far and one was concerned I would be without water if the magic purple line drawn by Xenia was somehow conjured incorrectly. I assured my friend that I am on well water and would suffer no worse fait than wet shoes and green grass if I were to put blind and unquestioning faith in the magic purple line. I will of course bill you for new shoes if they are ruined.

Subject: FW: Iowa One Call issue with Xenia
From: Kevin Lyons
Date: Tue, October 02, 2012 1:49 pm
To: Dave
Cc: "" , Corey Iben , Nancy Tierney

Good Afternoon Mr. Hill,

Thank you for your correspondence regarding your concerns with locating a water line near your property. The District understands that you were worried about the reliability of the locate and regrets any inconvenience this potential issue may have caused.

A water technician was dispatched to the area that you wish to be located and, using mapping technology available to the District, has re-located the lines.

Xenia Rural Water District appreciates your giving it the opportunity to address your concerns.

Kevin Lyons
Distribution Manager
Xenia Rural Water District
PO Box 39
23998 141st Street
Bouton, IA 50039-0039
515-676-2117 ext. 133 Office
515-676-2208 Fax
515-249-1445 Cell

"XRWD is an Equal Opportunity Provider"

The NEW blue line seems to follow the ditch where one would expect and is nowhere near any of the digging I plan to do.

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